Our Philosophy

What we believe in.....

Promoting and breeding Belgian Shepherds is our passion, it is not our business or something we derive a 'profit' from. Breeding and producing Belgian Shepherds of the highest quality, temperament, and type is what we strive for.  Seeing each new litter or dog we have bred succeed in its chosen arena or finding the 'perfect' canine companion/match for a person or family, gives us a great sense of pride and satisfaction. Our love and passion for this breed is what drives us to continually strive for breeding healthy dogs with the True Belgian Temperament and of good type.  It is our desire to see more people educated about this beautiful, enchanting  and loyal breed and to see more people finding their 'one in a million' puppy or dog  'match' in a Belgian Shepherd.  Most importantly we enjoy and love our dogs and spend a lot of time with them  ~ at home ~ and at competition ~ on holiday ~  but we never lose sight of what it is that we have set out to do for the breed, and that is to:~

  Promote and Breed Belgian Shepherds, true to type, of good health and of sound temperament.

There is nothing quite as sweet or as heart warming as the loving greeting we get each day from our beautiful 'Belgian Kids'. We can only aspire to be worthy of such devotion.

 Each and every one of the litters we breed, be it in-conjunction with another kennel or under the Belgnté prefix alone, is painstakingly researched and studied to ensure the pedigree of the Sire and the Dam compliment each other and will improve upon the existing quality of Belgian Shepherds in our kennel, and in Australia. 

We have a strong focus on Temperament, True Belgian Type and Producing Healthy Puppies Free from Hereditary Disease. All our breeding dogs and bitches are health checked.  We do everything to try and ensure our puppies are given the best possible start in life, and this begins with careful examination of each pedigree (Sire/Dam).  To continuously breed from dogs that have produced or have serious health or temperament issues does not serve our breed well.

Of course, it can always be said that there is a certain degree of 'risk' or 'specific problems' within every pedigree (and in every breed), and this is most likely the case, it is merely our belief that we have a moral and ethical obligation to the Belgian Shepherd Breed to do everything within our power to minimise these risks in the puppies we produce.

We believe in transparency and full disclosure to all our puppy people - good and bad NO DOG IS PERFECT !!

We will not sell you a puppy if we do not think you are the right 'match'  for him or her and we will only recommend breeders we know and trust to work within the same ethical and moral bounds as ourselves.

Sadly in Australia, our breed seems to suffer from a serious dose of 'tall poppy' syndrome, with certain breeders out to tarnish and destroy the reputation of other breeders.  We prefer to not worry about these unsavoury sorts and for the most part are happy to let our dogs and their (not by 'default')  results speak for themselves!!!  We would suggest that those looking to discredit us and others could better spend their time trying to replicate and produce the type of  quality, good charactered Belgians we have become known for breeding.

However, for the record, under the theme of transparency and openness we are happy to answer any questions directly asked of us.  

It is our continuing goal to positively breed Belgian Shepherds of the highest quality.  We believe that the best way to achieve this is to support and work with like minded breeders across Australia and to import quality dogs from Europe and overseas.  By working together, we hope to develop and promote this exceptional breed of dog!