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(Photos taken by us at Shows, at home, at friends places and on our many trips around the Territory and Interstate!!!)

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Norah playing
Bella & Rora Playing with Water 2
Bella and Rora Playing with Water  2

Camping out at a show
Tux all wet
Tux all Wet
Baby Tux
Baby Tux

Our little Jack
Our Jack Russell Terrier



Baby Tyler

Doing agility 
The Avion Litter 
The Avion Litter Babies

Louie on the run
Avion Litter Babies

Avion Litter ~
Ms (Sara) Blue
Avion Litter - Play Time
Kathy ~ with her babies the Avion Litter

ABBA litter Puppy

ABBA litter Babies

ABBA litter Puppy
Lami & Mia

Aspen & Tux at Beach

Puppies at the Beach

Norah doing agility

Puppies at the Beach 
Aspen & Tux Play

Norah after a bath

Avion Baby having a snooze

agility fun
Running on the Beach

Cleo being cute

The infamous Pink Suit

Louie on the Move

Tired Puppy !

Ti Tree Sunset

Kathy ~ Agility Star in the Making

Our Sunsets

Storms Coming

After the Rain

The Track to Kings Canyon

Photo taken on the way to 'Palm Valley'

"Boggy Hole' Waterhole
near Hermannsburg

"Boggy Hole" Waterhole

"Finke River" after rain

Sunset after rain
Aspen still has it all
"Aspen still has it all."
Photo taken March 08

Nugget and Louie having fun

Norah thinking

The air up there !

Stinky at Beach

Stinky playing with
 Brogue the IWH

Rex at Devils Marbles

Aspen on the move

The Rock

The long road to Queensland

Tux playing

Baby Tux on the move


Dust Storm Coming

On our travels

Tux pondering life
Amper June 2008

A lone Bushfire in the distance

Tux June 2008

Tux June 2008

Louie June 2008

Jail Birds - Aspen,
Norah & Amper

Louie and Mia

Justin and his 'Wonder dog' ~ Ronin (co-owned with Michelle Holthouse)

Miss Mia
Bred by Us* - Owned by Caroline Russell

Baby Strider on the Move
aka ~ Joymont Stepping Out.  Owned by C Scotton
& S Harbour

Amper doing Agility - June 2008

ABBA Babies

Amper the Agility Star !!

Amper June 2008

Amper doing agility

Amper doing more agility

Still having fun at agility with Tan.

Nuggie Bear June 2008

Ronin 2011







My Louie
July 2009

Tux and Jack sharing a kiss after winning a junior handlers


Jack and Tux in Junior Handler

Trixie @ 5 months